As a Leverage for Research in Industry
Microbiological Data-base and Stock Culture

Hideharu Anazawa,Ph.D,
Director, Japan Bioindustry Association

Research on microbiological production system in Japanese Bio-industry had led the world in the latter half in the 20th century. Technology development particularly at industry had moved from conventional synthetic chemistry to biochemistry industry.  With the high value-added products such as pharmaceutical products, functional foods, cosmetics, they have made the important market. It becomes the driving force that novelty and usefulness of the new bioactive and functional substance. In addition, the friendly image to humanity that is "bio product" pushes it from behind by using the enzyme as the reaction catalyst and raw materials. Recently it becomes the global issue to use efficiently the raw materials derived from the plant as an action to the global warming. Expectation to bioindustry is coming arise to not only the high value-added product but also the fuel and commodity chemicals.
What is important issue for Bioindustry about usage of culture collection and application of microbiological information?
1, Primary Screening resource for active compound, enzyme or genes
 ・Type culture collection
 ・Information about medium composition of each strain
 ・Preservation of activity at freshly isolated
2, Secondary screening
 ・Collection of related or same pieces strains
・Accurate identification of each stock culture
Microbiological Data-base and Stock Culture play very important roles as “Leverage” for Research in Industry.