Recent Activities of Korea National Research Resource Center (KNRRC)

Kyungsook Ahn
Department of Education and Research,
Korea National Research Resource Center (KNRRC),
138 Gongneung-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-743, Korea.
Tel: 82-2-944-6693, E-mail:

Abstract: The Korea National Research Resource Center (KNRRC) consists of 36 research resource banks (RRBs) located in 25 universities, 5 core centers (human-originated resources, plants, animals, microorganisms, and fusion-matters) and a central office. The ‘Research Resources Center’ project is supported by Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) since 1995. KNRRC collections cover wide range of biological resources from microorganisms to human specimens as well as non-biologic materials. The total inventory of KNRRC RRBs is over 14 million items. In 2011, KNRRC acquired 142,241 new resources and distributed 186,774 resources to scientists in universities, research institutes and industry. Also, 23,416 resources were deposited in RRBs and preserved for storage and/or distribution. The central office of KNRRC was established in 2008 to manage the RRB operation and to promote resource utilization with easy access and domestic/international cooperation. KNRRC has built a total management system, KRMS (KNRRC Resource Management System) that includes homepage, DB, and resource inventory systems. Out of 36 RRBs, homepages for 23 banks and resource management system for 20 banks has been built so far. There are twelve KNRRC microbial RRBs dealing with virus, bacteria, fungi, mushroom, microalgae, their genome, DNA libraries, cloned genes, antibodies, human serum, and host organisms. All 12 microbial resource banks are participating in the WFCC global catalogue and will continue to expand their international collaborations.