Recent activities of JCM to contribute to scientific communities



The Japan Collection of Microorganisms (JCM) in RIKEN-BRC has been collecting, preserving, and distributing microbial cultures of bacteria, archaea, and fungi since established in 1981. An important mission of JCM is to contribute to scientific communities by maintaining and serving high-quality microbial resources particularly useful for researches in health and environmental science as well as general microbiology. JCM has tried to improve its functions as a microbial BRC, such as introduction of the Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) for protection of the depositors’ intellectual property right, accreditation of ISO9001:2008 for maintaining high quality of microbial resources, distribution of microbial genome DNA in collaboration with DNA Bank of RIKEN BRC, and rescue endangered microbial collections in universities and research institutes. JCM continuously updates and improves information about the microbial resources, which opens to the public through our on-line catalog database. JCM has been also developing techniques related to microbial resources and exploiting new microbial resources in natural environments. JCM now holds more than 20,000 strains and annually distributes more than 3,200 strains. JCM strains are annually used in more than 300 scientific original papers and a number of patent applications; this indicates our significant contribution to scientific community.