WDCM Training Course for Microbial Data Analysis

Nov 23-30, 2018, Beijing

Schedule of Training Courses 2018

Date Time Lecture Lecturer
Nov. 23
9:00-9:10Opening remarksProf. Juncai Ma
9:10-10:00Combination of Lab & Paper work: Culture Collections’ management Prof. Philippe Desmeth
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
10:20-11:20Genome sequencing and data analyses in Ustilaginomycotina (Basidiomycota)Prof. Qiming Wang
14:00-15:00Genome sequencing and genome analysis reportProf. Bangzhuo Tong
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-16:20Q & AProf. Bangzhuo Tong
Nov. 26
9:00-10:00Introduction of INSDC, data submission and genome annotation Prof. Yasukazu Nakamur / Dr. Yasuhiro Tanizaw
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-11:20PracticeProf. Yasukazu Nakamur / Dr. Yasuhiro Tanizaw
14:00-15:00The BIG Data Center: from deposition to integration to translationProf. Lina Ma
15:00-15:20Coffee Break 
15:20-16:20Lab visit of Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of SciencesProf. Lina Ma
Nov. 27
9:00-10:00Genomic data analysis: Assembly and AnnotationDr. Wenyu Shi
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-11:20PracticeDr. Wenyu Shi
14:00-15:00Microbiome statistical analysis based on Next Generation Sequencing techniquesProf. Jun Wang
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-16:20PracticeProf. Jun Wang
Nov. 28
9:00-10:00Applying advanced bioinformatic tools and machine learning to big data problems in microbiome researchProf. Zhenjiang Xu
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-11:20PracticeProf. Zhenjiang Xu
14:00-14:30Characterization of bacterial strains for taxonomic purposesProf. Man Cai
14:30-15:00PracticeProf. Man Cai
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-16:20Diversity of yeast community isolated from crater lakes, plant leaves and soil, and proposal of novel species and generaProf. Aihua Li
Nov. 29
9:00-10:00Bioinformatics: genome comparative analysis and genome distance calculationDr. Wenyu Shi
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-11:20PracticeDr. Wenyu Shi
14:00-15:00The Origin, Domestication and Genome Evolution of Saccharomyces YeastsProf. Fengyan Bai
15:00-15:20Coffee Break 
15:20-16:20droplet microfluidics for high throughput cultivation, screening and sequencing of environmental microorganisms Prof. Wenbin Du
Nov. 30
9:00-10:00What have we learned from Clostridium difficile?-Bioinformatics in clinical detectionProf. Chen Chen
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-10:50Computational design of industrial enzymesProf. Bian Wu
10:50-11:30Microbial Defense Systems: from CRISPR to MoreDr. Ming Li
14:00-15:00WDCM data resources : Global catalogue of Microorganisms and ABC databaseProf. Linhuan Wu
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-16:20Discussion for future cooperationProf. Linhuan Wu

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