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WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Center for Microorganisms (WDCM)  

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World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC)  
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)  
Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(IMCAS)  
CODATA Task Group on Advancing Informatics for Microbiology (TG-AIM)  

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Bureau of International Co-operation Chinese Academy of Sciences  

Training Course of Microbial Resources Information Management and Utilization for Developing Countries


Time Sep 2(Tue) Sep3-Sep5 Seo.6-8 Weekend Sep9-Sep12 Seo.13-14 Weekend Sep15(Mon)
09:00~11:30 Registration Training
12:00~13:30 Lunch
13:30-16:30 Training


Date Time Lecturer Lecturer
3 9:00-9:20 Opening ceremony  
9:20-10:00   Building TRUST Literally and Practically & Necessary Legal   Policy for Culture Collections   Dr. Philippe Desmeth
10:00-10:40   WDCM introduction   Dr. Juncai Ma
10:40-11:00   Coffee Break  
11:00-11:40   Evolving Perspectives on Marine Genetic Resources   Dr. Lyle Glowka
13:30-14:30   Management of biological resource in Korea   Dr. TaeEun Jin
14:30-15:00   Coffee Break  
15:00-16:00   The Nagoya Protocol: Compliance   Dr. Geoff Burton
4 9:00-9:40   Characterization of bacterial strains for taxonomic purpose   Dr. Man Cai
10:00-10:40   How to do classical taxonomic study of fungi   Dr. Youzhi Wang
11:00-11:30   Visiting CGMCC  
13:30-16:30   Meeting of Revitalization of MIRCEN  
5 9:00-10:00   Annotation and integrated retrieval of microbial genome sequences   Prof. Hideaki Sugawara
10:30-11:30   Data practice   Prof. Hideaki Sugawara
13:30-14:30   Microbial genome analysis: SILVA/MLST   Dr. Chen Chen
15:00-16:30   Data practice   Dr. Chen Chen
9 9:00-10:00   WFCC Global Catalogue of Microorganisms (I)   Dr. Wu Linhuan
10:00-16:30   Presentations and Group discussion   Prof. Juncai Ma
10 9:00-9:40   Biodiversity: Management and Risk Assessment   Prof.Mamadou Gueye
10:00-10:40   WDCM databases: WFCC homepage, CCINFO and Reference strain   Ms.Zhang Jianyuan
11:00-11:30   Data practice   Ms. Sun QingLan
13:30-14:30   Data Standards of microbial resources   Dr. Wu Linhuan
15:00-16:30   Data practice   Dr. Wu Linhuan
11 9:00-9:30   WFCC Global Catalogue of Microorganisms (II)   Dr. Wu Linhuan
10:00-11:30   Database Practice   Dr. Wu Linhuan
13:30-14:00   WDCM Analysis of Bio-resources citations   Dr. Wu Linhuan
14:00-16:30   Database practice   Ms. Sun QingLan
12 9:00-10:00   BOLD mirror   Dr. Liu Di
10:30-11:30   Discussion and Database Practice   Dr. Liu Di
13:30-14:30   Microbial genome annotation pipeline   Dr. Liu Li
15:00-16:30   Data practice   Dr. Liu Li
15 9:00-10:00   Bioinformatics Resource in CBI – databases, data analysis and visualization platforms   Dr. Kong Lei
10:30-11:30   Data practice   Dr. Kong Lei
13:30-14:30   Closing ceremony